I am a visual story teller.  My paintings capture a moment in a bigger story and the big story is always about the spiritual path of being human.  Using vibrant color and elements of the human figure, the imagery invites you to ask questions about what is going on in the work ~ what does it mean?  Inspiration comes fast and unannounced ~ the color of light shifting through a stand of trees, a phrase of something written or an observed interaction between two people.  It can come from anywhere, anytime.  As it arrives I sketch the image or write down the words to be used for future work.


The act of creating is what fascinates me so I work in a variety of media, which include: oil painting, digital collage, printmaking, ceramics, and mixed media.  I have been known to build things to figure out how they work.   My process is the same across media.  Each piece has a rhythm and timeline all its own, I am just along for the ride.   I may work ten minutes on a piece then two hours on the next.  It's an intuitive process.  When the piece feels finished for the day I stop.  When it feels like there's nothing left to add I know the piece is complete.  Some works have taken over a year to finish.  Floating Soul Media website is the platform to showcase my paintings.     

I hope by being with my work you will engage in the moment portrayed, be inspired to embrace and weave the experience of my work into your own story and ultimately be inspired to create your own work.